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Our Roots

AGES was established in 2007, as a non-profit organization. AGES is a member of Balkan Geophysical Society (BGS) and Associated Society to EAGE and SEG. Several conferences were organized by AGES, with EAGE and SEG as co-organizers:

  • The 5th Congress of BGS (Balkan Geophysical Society), 2009,

  • The 3rd Professional Conference Geosciences and Environmental Protection,

  • The 3rd EAGE/SEG/AAPG IGSC Students’ Geosciences Conference, 2012, as well as

  • The 1st AGES/SEG/EAGE Conference and Technical Exhibition Geosciences Applied to Solve Humanitarian Problems all over the World.

Beside 168 members from Serbia and all countries, members of EAGE/SEG Student Section are also very active (students and young researchers come from Japan, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro). 

Members of AGES participate in various committees of EAGE and SEG, but also at expert groups of EFG, EnERG, SPE and other associations.

AGES is accredited for R&D projects by EC (DG Energy & Environment) (FP 7, Horizon 2020…), but also by Ministry of Science and Education of Serbia as R&D society for national and international projects in Energy & Environment.

In May 2009, Letter of Interest in cooperation in R&D between UNESCO and AGES related to CCS in Balkans was signed with Director of UNESCO-BRESCIE. 

In September 2015, Agreement for Scientific and Technological Cooperation between AGES and Institute of Geophysics and Engineering Seismology after A. Nazarov of NAS RA (National Academy of Sciences Republic of Armenia) was signed.

Beside organizing international conferences and lectures, and participation in annual meetings of EAGE, SEG, EnERGand other societies, AGES members participate(d) in two ECFP7 and several international projects (NATO, CEI, UNESCO, COST, etc.). Their activity is also related to publishing (monographs, brochures, education material for kids) and youth education. 

One of the most recent activities is establishing AGES Foundation for awards to distinguished AGES members (AGES Honorary member), as a support to students mobility and their participation in international conferences, but also for various contests related to youth education in domain of Geo- and Environmental Sciences.

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